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H O P E    Springs   Eternal

It is nothing new to hear about people living in poverty and not being able to afford adequate healthcare, if any at all.
In the Philippines, there are people struggling to obtain the basic necessities such as, food and shelter, and their healthcare needs often go unmet. It is these same people that have chronic or life threatening illnesses that are getting minimal to no help at all. For the ones that are fortunate enough to seek professional help, the medications they need are unaffordable and beyond reach. With all of this in mind, we created a foundation to bring hope where there is none.
In 2014, the Gift of Hope Foundation was introduced to many of our friends and colleagues. Our mission and desire is to provide free healthcare for the poor and neglected.
The foundation’s first project, building a hospital in the vicinity of greater Manila, is currently underway.
We ask that you join us on our journey and offer a helping hand to achieve the goal of promise and healing, through the Gift of Hope.
We thank you in advance for whatever support you can offer

Donations can be made

charity to Gift of Hope Foundation on through our Paypal account. Contact the Foundation regarding other types of donations.

Gift of Hope Foundation needs, doctors, nurses, technicians and other professionals to serve on our advisory board and become involved. 

To create a  network of healthcare services that will ensure a sustaining and reliable method of providing free or low cost high quality care to Filipinos from all walks of life.



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